Boicotăm alegerile anticipate!
  • Cineva a lansat pe Facebook o pagina denumita ''IDITE N...I PARTY'' - Boicotăm alegerile anticipate! Un frigărui al tuturor moldovenilor de ziua alegerilor. Ideea îi aparține lui @Viorel Mardare

    Cine o sa se alature in fata Ambasadei?

    Linkul e mai jos, deja sau hotarit 700+ persoane sa ia parte:
  • Ceea ce se intimpla in Moldova e o dezamagire, dar inca nu am o opinie in privinta participarii la alegerile anticipate, daca vor avea loc.

    Prefer sa rezolv problemele atunci cind ele apar :)
  • care anticipate?
  • Nu stiu ce o sa fie mai departe, insa e jale mare.

    Insa ar fi bine ca in Moldova sa vina la putere un Mario Monti, prim ministrul Italiei.


    Mario Monti, the former European commissioner, has been sworn in as Italy's prime minister along with the ministers of his new, technocratic government, charged with steering the eurozone's most indebted nation out of danger.

    The 17-strong cabinet will be able to bring to bear on Italy's daunting problems a formidable amount of intellectual fire-power. More than a third of the seats in the cabinet will be occupied by professors, including the prime minister himself. Monti, a distinguished liberal economist, kept the finance and economics portfolios. He handed the economic development and infrastructure portfolios to Corrado Passera, the chief executive of Italy's biggest retail bank, Intesa Sanpaolo.

    Three of the cabinet ministers are women, and two were appointed to top jobs: Anna Maria Cancellieri as interior minister and Paola Severino as justice minister. Elsa Fornero will have heavy responsibilities as minister for welfare and employment.

    Speaking after announcing his cabinet, Monti said: "We feel sure of what we have done and we have received many signals of encouragement from our European partners and the international world. All this will, I trust, translate into a calming of that part of the market difficulty which concerns our country."

    The new government took office at a time when Italy was engulfed by the eurozone crisis, with its benchmark borrowing costs at an unsustainably high level of more than 7%. The swearing in of the new government made little difference to sovereign yields but it appeared to cheer the Milan bourse which closed almost 0.8% up on a day that saw Frankfurt and London lose ground.

    Monti confirmed he would take on the prime ministership after two days of consultations. The uncertainties surrounding the formation of the new government were maintained to the end by a much longer than expected two-and-a-half hour meeting between the incoming prime minister and the president.

    The names on the list of his ministers – most of which were unknown to members of the Italian general public – showed that Monti had failed in his attempt to involve party representatives. His cabinet was made up exclusively of non-aligned specialists.

    "The absence of political personalities in the government will help rather than hinder a solid base of support for the government in parliament and in the political parties because it will remove one ground for disagreement," he said.

    The economics professor turned eurocrat managed to stave off – at least temporarily – demands from the outgoing prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, and his party for the new government to have a limited programme and a fixed lifespan. The influence that Berlusconi's Freedom party will exercise over the new government was nevertheless made clear in the run-up to Wednesday's announcement.

    Monti spent three hours at a meeting that finished after 2.30am, with Angelino Alfano, the secretary of Berlusconi's party, trying to reach agreement on the names of the new ministers. Berlusconi was ousted after losing his majority last week in the lower house of parliament, the chamber of deputies. But he and his former coalition allies in the Northern League can still command a majority in the senate. The prime minister will have to outline his government's programme and seek votes of confidence in both houses of parliament. The first is due to take place in the Senate on Thursday evening.

    President Giorgio Napolitano asked Monti to form a government after Berlusconi's rightwing coalition lost a crucial vote in the lower house on the 2010 public accounts.

    Meanwhile, Greece's new technocrat government won a confidence vote in parliament with a large majority , backing a pledge by prime minister Lucas Papademos to speed up long-term reforms and secure a massive new bailout deal involving banks and rescue creditors. In the country's 300-member parliament, 255 voted in favour of the new government formed last week by the majority socialists, rival conservatives and a small right-wing nationalist party. Only 38 voted against, while the remaining seven were absent.
  • Posted By: bunikul
    [p]Nu stiu ce o sa fie mai departe, insa e jale mare.[/p][p]Insa ar fi bine ca in Moldova sa vina la putere un Mario Monti, prim ministrul Italiei.[/p]

    Mie imi pare ca orice guvern strain ar face mai bine decit nepotismul cleptocratic care-l avem acum :)
  • Nu in asta e chestia sa vina alt guvern strain, ci e chestia ca de ar fi posibilitate de a dizolva curentul parlament si de luat la putere persoane din alte domenii, cum a facut Mario: profesori, banchiri, directori de companii, etc.

    Cred ca asa o sa fie rezultate bune.
  • Cu alte cuvinte MANAGERI! Pacat ca politica e un lucru murdar si putini manageri se baga in ea.
  • Cite o data se mai gaseste un om curat care intra in politica... Dar cum a intrat imediat cade in glod, se murdareste ca un porc si nu se mai scoala din glod! De ce mai multi politicieni sar in glod, de ce glodul e mai mare si mai adinc... Iar poporul trebuie sa curete din urma lor...

    Cind ma uit la momente din sedintele parlamentului moldovenesc mi se face rau de modul cum se comporta parlamentarii, cum vorbesc si cum (nu) se respecta unul pe altul. Acestia sunt oameni care noi i-am ales cindva...

    Nu ma mai duc in vecii vecilor la alegirile moldovenesti!
  • daca nu te duci la alegeri...fii sigur ca se v-a gasi cineva care v-a vota in locul tau...:frown:
  • Mai este cineva care crede ca poporul alege???
    In tarile post sovietice totul e corupt, shi cei care dicteaza politica, stau departe, toti 'politicienii' sant marionete in mainile lor!!! Nu fiti naivi!
    PS: Morala este una, ori mergi la alegeri, ori nu mergi, alegerile vor avea rezultatul de care e nevoie!:)
  • Posted By: Damian
    [p]daca nu te duci la alegeri…fii sigur ca se v-a gasi cineva care v-a vota in locul tau…:frown:[/p]

    mii in fund

    am fost de trei ori la Londra cu familia pe cont propriu - votand si sperind , acum nu ma mai duc ei sau k.akat in capul meu

    nu au nici o stima fata de noi - ma voi duce sau nu - tot pe acesti clowni ii voi vedea in parlament dupa alegeri

    asa ca fac un frigarui mai bine - de ce nu ?!
  • Frigarui se poate si dupa alegeri,votez la ora 9 am si pe urma frigarui toata ziua :wink:
  • si la ce te astepti dup alegeri daca pleci la vod ? Bunastare , Prosperare,Fericire? lol

    exact eceeleasi personaje vor ramine si dupa legeri - doar cu pondere putin diferita . ?! if any

    pentru mine ori sa fie lupu ori dodon ori filat ori cinea fi - - niste minciunosi si hoti
  • eu inteleg ca eu sunt o picatura in mare - si probabil sa vada EI comentariul meu vor zice 'Dal in pe asta vor iesi altii la vot '

    insa la sigur ca mai sunt persoane ca mine - persoane care sunt dezamagite .

    Eu am fost la vot odata , apoi le-am mai 'dat o sansa' la cele anticipate , apoi 'INCA o SANSA' .

    Dai sanse doar atunci cind vezi ca poate fi o inbunatatire / evolutie - insa de la ei nu astept nimic

    si vapse - pe mine statul nu ma ajutat cu nimic in viata - nici atunci cind eram elev si luam locuri de frunte la olimpiade judetene - numi dadeau nici bani de ticket la autocar , Acum nici atit - doar sa te fure si sa te taxeze de trei ori - de altceva nu sunt in stare
  • acum citeva zile mam intors din MD - si miam luat o constitutie de la librarie sa am ce citi in aeroport - dupa ce am rasfoito in citeva ore - am avut impresia ca am citit o poveste frumoasa -

    Iata daca ar respectaua cei Din conducere atunci ar fi si viata ca o poveste frumoasa - ma gindesc - carei rostul acestei constitutii - care este incalcata zilnic fara nici o frica sau rusine

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